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How Long Does a CCTV footage Last?

How Long Does a CCTV footage Last?

Getting a security system in your house or a building will ensure that it can help in protecting everyone. For instance, if you are getting CCTV, then it will help you to keep a tab on everything around the house. If someone tries to enter your house, then you can record it in the CCTV camera. After that, it will help you to use the video recording as proof, and you can submit it to the police.

Such things ensure that anyone who tries to enter your house without your permission gets recorded and then you can contact the cops. So, you might be thinking about how long a footage CCTV footage lasts. If you are storing the CCTV footage on a hard drive or cloud storage, then it depends on the storage space. Many factors can impact the size of the CCTV footage.

How to find the best CCTV camera?

How to find the best CCTV camera

If you are planning to buy a CCTV camera for the house, then you might be wondering how you can find the best CCTV camera. You need to make sure that you check out all the features in the CCTV camera from MaxSol Technology. You need to check whether it provides you high-definition video quality. Also, check whether it can record videos at night or not. Such things essential so that you can utilise the CCTV camera without any type of problems.

What are the factors on which the storage depends?

Multiple factors can affect the size of the CCTV recording. You need to make sure that you are aware of all these things so that you can use it properly.

• Resolution of the CCTV camera –

You also have to factor in things like the resolution of the CCTV camera. If it records the videos in a high resolution, then it will require more space.

• Video compression size –

You should also check the video compression size of the CCTV so that it can help you to understand how much space does the video require. This way, you can utilise the proper disk space to record videos for a certain time.

How many cameras do you have –

To learn how long does cctv footage last, you need to factor the things like how many cameras you have. Such things will help you to learn how much space you will need.

• Storage space you have –

Check out the storage space that you currently have for recording the CCTV. If you are getting the help of a professional security company, then they might offer you cloud storage services. So you need to make sure that you get information about all the things.

So now you know how long does cctv footage last and use the right storage space to ensure that you can record it longer. You must consider all the factors to avoid any major problems. It will surely help you to get the best outcome and avoid various major problems with the use of CCTV around the house. If you are using multiple CCTVs, then you need to get more storage so that you can record it accordingly.

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