The little tikes activity garden play center is one of the growing babies a head start by encouraging them to explore their world. It is packed with learning and fun and there is a crawl through the obstacle course, a shape sorter mailbox and a telescope. Few play center is simply transformed without tools into an open, two-sided play center and play panel. It can be adjusted to sit horizontally for sit-at play. Crawl through archway, shape sorter mailbox, working tap a tuned piano sits atop the open-close door, movable, look through telescope.

Shutters that Open and Close

Shutters that Open and Close

The Beginnerbabycare discover sounds activity garden is used for children six months to three years old. They can develop motor skills and cognitive abilities while playing with a variety of toys. The activity gym can be set up in open or closed play configurations to accommodate different ages. Babies will love the stimulating colors, shapes, and textures. The set up little tikes activity garden features are including a crawl-through obstacle course, a ball-drop flowerpot, open and close for peek-a-boo, a telescope, and a shape-sorter mailbox. There is also a removable play panel with engaging sound effects and a multilingual telephone.

Open and Closed Play Configurations

The Activity Garden easily converts from a closed play center to an open, two-sided play gym without the need for tools. The closed play configuration keeps babies inside but it is allowing exiting through the arches. The open configuration is providing access to both sides of the gym for older children.

Working Doors and Windows

Working Doors and Windows

The little tikes activity garden features doors and shutters that open and close, making it great for games of peek-a-boo with your baby and providing easy access to the play area.

Double-Sided Play Panel with You

The play panel features are including a mirror, a learning clock, a ball shaker, movable clicking bugs, and a three language interactive telephone to engage language learning. Your little one will develop fine motor skills and learn how to count in English, Spanish, and French. The panel is playing animal sound effects and silly sounds.

Educational Play Environment

The activity gym is including an arch to crawl through and a shape-sorter mailbox for learning about shapes and colors. There is also a musical piano on top of the door to play with, a ball-drop flowerpot with four balls, and a telescope for children to peer through.

Design and Assembly

Little Tikes is one of the safe play environment for your baby. The plastic components are sturdy and easy to put together. Adults should be able to assemble this in under an hour with a Phillips screwdriver.

What Is In The Setup Box?

What Is In The Setup Box

The little tikes activity garden items such as small arch, ball return, 2 shutters, shutter door wall, window box, large arch, mailbox, mailbox base, door with piano key, front door wall, telescope, telescope base, telescope nut, telescope screw and arch for slide.

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