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NBA Finals Live Stream: Format of the Tournament

NBA Finals Live Stream: Format of the Tournament

The NBA Finals Live Stream will start streaming from July 8, 2021. The playoff round is happening already. If you’re following the game for some time, you may get confused with the format. East, and West Conferences, Play in and Playoff and a lot more things may sound confusing.

This mostly happens to new viewers. However, this year the league is slightly different. So, many old fans may also lose track of the game. Therefore, this article will discuss how the whole NBA league works from start to end.



If you are an old fan of basketball and have a good idea of the conferences, you can jump into the next para. However, as new viewers of the NBA, you must first learn about the conferences to understand the tournament format.

All the NBA teams are divided into two conferences. Eastern & Western. Teams in each conference compete against other teams within the conferences. Then top teams from each conference advanced to the playoffs and finals.

The logic behind conferences is that it saves traveling time. It has often been seen that frequent traveling causes fatigue and leads to poor performance. Due to the conference system, teams play one home and one away game during the regular season. Conferences also reduce the number of total games.


We’re coming close to the exciting NBA Finals live stream. After a few rounds of games, the top teams will go to the finals and fight for the championship. After the regular season this year, the post-season started with Play-in. After that, the playoff started, and then finally, the finals will begin in July. Below, we’ve explained everything well:


The play-in is the latest edition in the NBA league. It started last season. Though a lot of people criticized it, the NBA continued with Play-in this season too.

The rules for play-in tournaments are quite simple. Usually, eight seeds from each conference go to the play-off. After the regular season, the top 6 seeds directly get qualified. Then, four seeds from seventh to the tenth position compete for the final two spots.


After the play-in, the top 8 seeds compete against each other to get qualified for the finals. Play-off happens in three rounds. In the first round, the eight seeds are divided into four groups consisting of two in each group. Then they play a best of seven series game.

If a team wins four without playing all the games, it advances to the next round ignoring the rest of the games. Then four teams get qualified, and finally one remains who competes against the top team of the other conference.


Finally, the top team from each conference fights for the championship. Similar to the Play-off, the two teams also play the best of seven series games in the finals.

The team with four victories wins the title. In the last season, the Los Angeles Lakers won the championship defeating the Miami Heat in the sixth game. To know who wins the current season, watch the NBA Finals live stream starting July 8, 2021.

How NBA 2020-2021 Season is Different from the Previous Seasons

How NBA 2020-2021 Season is Different from the Previous Seasons

The format of the NBA games this year is slightly different from previous seasons. In the past, the top 8 teams from the regular season directly went to the play-off. But this year, the final two teams will have qualified by winning the play-in tournament. In the past, 82 games were played throughout the league, which was reduced to 72 this year. However, these changes started from the last season.


We hope you’ve understood how the NBA league works. After the regular season and play-in games, the top 8 teams from each conference play to qualify for the finals. Both the play-off and finals are played in a best of seven series games.

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