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Tom Drury

Tom Drury

Tom Drury

"A Major Figure in American literature."

Just A Beautiful Book

"[Pacific is] just a beautiful book of quiet power that deserves recognition as a contemporary classic, with Drury one of our living masters."


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TOM DRURY Tom Drury was born in Iowa in 1956. The recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, Drury has published short fiction and essays in The New Yorker, A Public Space, Ploughshares, Granta, The Mississippi Review,...


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UK’s CCTV Introduces the Beijing Olympics

There is large and then there is immense. There is attempted international communication and then there is creating a surefire communiqué. So it is with...
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Operating Systems Galore

Well, by this point you've probably heard about Linux as an Operating System, especially since this is LinuxWorld Week. You may have even heard of...
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2021 Masters Golf Live – Enjoy The Full Schedule

The Masters Golf is returning this year to Augusta National Golf Club. It will be a full week of the action-packed event which will feature...
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How to Replace Mailbox Lock without Key?

Missing or misplaced your mailbox key is frustrated and stressful. You may have important or essential mils inside the mailbox. Even though you missed your...
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Bio & Contacts


Tom Drury was born in Iowa in 1956. The recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, Drury has published short fiction and essays in The New Yorker, A Public Space, Ploughshares, Granta, The Mississippi Review, The New York Times Magazine, and Tricycle: The Buddhist Review. His novels have been translated into German, Spanish, and French. “Path Lights,” a story Drury published in The New Yorker, was made into a short film starring John Hawkes and Robin Weigert and directed by Zachary Sluser. The film debuted on David Lynch Foundation Television and played in film festivals around the world. In addition to Iowa, Drury has lived in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, and California. He currently lives in Brooklyn and is published by Grove Press.


    Rent Orlando Scooters

    Mobility scooters that can be used by persons who have problems with...
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    Operating Systems Galore

    Well, by this point you've probably heard about Linux as an Operating...
    Read More "Operating Systems Galore"


    The Power of the Internet and Online Courses in Your Education

    This will help to shed light on some of the boundless knowledge the internet has to offer and how it can be utilized into the American student’s studies. Many schools across our modernized world are clearly lacking in their curriculum and this is especially evident in our own public schooling …

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    Rent Orlando Scooters

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    One more reason why the scooters from this company are a complete stand-out is the fact that every scooter is subjected to the best design and engineering. Any product advancements that this company makes are usually based on customer feedbacks, testing and research. Scooters coming from this brand offer easy access no matter how difficult the terrain may be. Use the Rent Orlando Scooters on narrow hallways and doorways. The scooters of the company are all made in the USA. One of the things that separate the company from the rest is the presence of an excellent product and customer support. Customer service for scooters and other mobility products is available any time of the day. The best customer service that can be offered by the company is made possible by the fact that the employees of the company are well-trained and known medical professionals that can help clients every step of the way.

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    UK's CCTV Introduces the Beijing Olympics

    UK’s CCTV Introduces the Beijing Olympics

    There is large and then there is immense. There is attempted international communication and then there is creating a surefire communiqué. So it is with respect to the United Kingdom, China and the Beijing Olympics. As Mark Sweney of the reports, the United Kingdom’s CCTV has taken some amazing steps towards creating a bond with the Chinese people; the number of Chinese watching the games will be incredible and, the coverage will be nearly 24/7.

    In his article, “Beijing Olympics: UK firm behind TV titles for China state broadcaster,” Sweney reports that to begin with, when the Chinese audience tunes in for the televised Olympic Games, they will see an introduction that presents the ancient five elements theory of earth, water, wood, fire and metal interspersed with Olympic events. This was designed by Red Bee Media and is expected to go a long way towards communicating to an audience that does not routinely have television as a large part of their life.

    CCTV Introduces

    CCTV is thought to be the largest broadcaster in the world. In this Olympic scenario they should be reaching up to 1.5 billion Chinese. Additionally, not only are they going to reach a large number of people but they will reach them for inordinate amounts of time; they expect to be showing 18 hours of daily coverage.

    As a writer, I like to think I have a modicum of creativity and imagination; however, Red Bee Media is in a league of its own.

    In a related article by Mark Sweney in titled “Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn behind BBC’s ‘Monkey’ Olympics ad”, he discusses how the creators of the popular 1970’s children program Monkey, used three characters from the series, Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy as adventurers trying to get to the Beijing Olympic Stadium as essentially an “application” to create the special Olympic introduction for the Beijing Olympic Games.

    1.5 billion Chinese, 18 hours of Olympic coverage and ground-breaking cross-cultural communication are making these games special, political intrigue not withstanding. Incidentally, you can view both the introduction and the “application” video in links provided at the end of this article.

    I recall back in 1960 when the Olympic Games were in Rome, Italy how there was some difficulty in translation between broadcasts. However, what makes the 1960 experience almost laughable is that television didn’t have today’s technology so film was sent to the States delayed. Of course we also didn’t have 24-hour cable. We only had the three regular channels ABC, NBC and CBS. So, coverage ended up being about two hours per night of, essentially, clips.

    Operating Systems Galore

    Operating Systems Galore

    Well, by this point you’ve probably heard about Linux as an Operating System, especially since this is LinuxWorld Week. You may have even heard of the BeOS as well, which found online for free. As a side note, Corel’s version of Linux is also a free download (if you want to download a 325 meg file). Also, in mid 2000 Corel will have the ability to run from a NT Server Windows applications on the Linux client computers across your existing office network, so while Autodesk may not write a single line of code for Linux, they may not have too. Instead of going with one of these more obscure OS’s, you’ll want to consider where Microsoft is taking Windows. You see, currently there is Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98SE and NT 4 (not counting those few of you still on NT 3.x, Win 3.11 or DOS). Now, in February MS will be introducing the latest its OS.

    Operating Systems

    At one point this was to have been an all-inclusive Business and Home edition. Then it turned into a Business solution. Now, it’s being billed again as an OS for both locations. However, in a couple of months MS will also introduce Windows Millennium Edition (Windows ME). This is primarily for Home users. If you are currently using either 95 or 98 you’d probably be best holding out for WinME. If your on NT then you might consider switching to W2k, but keep in mind that most programs out there will NOT run on W2k. To check which applications you have are compatible, run this small program from MS. Note: the more applications you have on your computer the longer this will take – mine took about 1/2 hour to complete the test cycle. You may need to sign in with MS’s website before you can download their file. At this point parts of AutoCAD are not compatible with Win2k along with Norton AntiVirus, HP software for their 8×00 CD-RW drives, Creative Labs DVD player, Iomega Zip drivers, my Plustek scanner, the MS Sidewinder gamepad, Wacom’s Intous graphics tablets, SupraMax 56I Voice PCI Modem, Diamond Monster Sound II, ELSA’s Winman software for your graphics card, Corel Draw 8’s Media Folder will have problems and finally Adobe Type Manager will glitch, more helpful hints.

    Now, Iomega already has some new drivers out that you can download, but don’t hold your breath for much of your hardware and software to become compatible, because there is no guarantee that your existing hardware will ever be compatible with Win2k. On the other hand, you’re not much better off with Linux’s list of compatible hardware either. In good news MS is shelving (at least for the time being) two other OS’s that they have been working on called Neptune and Odyssey.

    2021 Masters Golf Live

    2021 Masters Golf Live – Enjoy The Full Schedule

    The Masters Golf is returning this year to Augusta National Golf Club. It will be a full week of the action-packed event which will feature some of the top professional golfers. It will start on Monday, April 5, and end on Sunday, April 11.

    Every single day will present something new to the patrons. And each day the passion will grow to the next level. So, are you ready for experiencing the ultimate Masters excitement?

    To make things easier for you, we have broken down the full event schedule below. You will have a detailed idea about what’s going to happen each day.

    April 5-6 (Monday & Tuesday): Practice Sessions

    Practice Sessions

    2021 Masters Golf Live will begin with practice rounds. This will go on only for two days; Monday & Tuesday. During these sessions, pro golfers play around the course to get a better understanding of it. They inspect every detail, so they don’t make any mistakes while playing the tournament rounds.

    As for patrons, they are allowed to attend and watch the practices. The good thing is that these two days you’re allowed to take a camera with you and capture photos. So, it’s a great opportunity for you to meet your favourite golfers and take some selfies.

    April 7 (Wednesday): Par 3 Contest

    Golfers will participate in a Par 3 contest on Wednesday afternoon. It is played on a distinct 9-hole, a par-27 course at the northeast corner of the club.

    Interestingly, golfers who have won the par 3 contest on Wednesday have never won a Masters tournament in the same year. Even some players consider winning this course bad luck.

    And the champions dinner also will take place on Wednesday night. This year, current champion Dustin Johnson will host the dinner. Though it won’t be broadcasted, it’s still worth knowing.

    Golf Live

    April 8 (Thursday 8:00 am): First Round

    The first round of the Masters Golf Tournament will begin on Thursday. The game will start with an honorary tee-off. The starters are usually famous previous champions.

    April 9 (Friday 8:00 am): Second Round

    After the first round on Thursday, the second round will take place on Friday. The first and second rounds are usually played in threesome. After this day’s contest, it will be narrowed down to the top 50 scores, including ties.

    April 10 (Saturday 10:00 am): Third Round

    On Saturday, round three will take place and will start a little bit later than the previous two days. In this round, the golfers will tee off in reverse order of the scores, which means the last person on the list will tee off first, and the leaders will tee off in the end.

    April 11 (Sunday): Final Round

    Finally, on Sunday, the fourth and last round will take place. Leaders are expected to tee-off around 2 pm, and the event should end by 7:00 pm with the award-giving ceremony and green jacket presentation.


    The Masters never disappoints its patrons. Watch 2021 Masters Golf Live throughout the week and have an amazing experience. And one more thing, all the times mentioned above are approximate and subject to delay under unwanted circumstances.

    The Power of the Internet and Online Courses in Your Education

    The Power of the Internet and Online Courses in Your Education

    This will help to shed light on some of the boundless knowledge the internet has to offer and how it can be utilized into the American student’s studies.

    Many schools across our modernized world are clearly lacking in their curriculum and this is especially evident in our own public schooling system here in the United States. Now, our government can’t exactly just throw in a few extra courses, such as geography, into the average American student’s day; that would just be a slap right into our fragile economy’s face (not to mention the right wing). What can easily be done, though, is to utilize the internet’s immeasurable amount of knowledge and potential into the everyday school life of America’s youth.

    It has been idealized that the future of modern education is inevitably bound to become entirely online. This hypothesis shows the endless potential of the web in educating all of Earth’s human inhabitants.

    “But, how exactly can the internet be used for schooling? For my education?” one might ask. The answer is quite simple, you see. The internet is simply a compilation of nearly all human research and knowledge (Aside government secrets, but even those will eventually end up on the web). The one, most invaluable tool we have been e-blessed with is the search engine.

    Imagine if, every time you lost something, you simply had to click and you were shown exactly where the lost artifact was. This is what a search engine does.

    Anything you desire to fill your gaping hole of curiosity or your dehydrating thirst for knowledge can be found with one simple tap on your mouse using a search engine such as Google or Microsoft’s Bing.

    Now, we all know how to use search engines to do research for our homework. What else can the internet provide for my education?

    Read This Next

    Read This Next
    • Online Tutors for Science and Math
    • Open University Creative Writing Courses Online
    • Free Chemistry Homeschool Curriculum for Middle School

    The internet provides an enormous network of accredited online classes, such as the geography class I mentioned earlier. One of these can easily be found by searching ‘Online [name of class] class’ into one of the search engines I mentioned earlier. Most accredited online courses do provide high school or college credits and count towards your graduation.

    The two most common complaints and concerns of those avoiding taking courses online are one, price, and the second being the lack of a personal instructor.

    The average price of an online course is somewhere only slightly above that of a community college but much, much lower than a traditional 4-year college.

    Secondly; is it true that most online courses require the ability of the student to be self-taught. Although, many courses do offer 1-on-1 video chatting time with a professional, accredited teacher much like one in a traditional high school or college.

    Do yourself a favor; instead of waiting around for your school to add that one class you need or that one class you always were interested in. Simply look the class up online, get the class over with more quickly than you could taking the class in person or indulge yourself in the wonders of that one subject that has always fascinated you. Our system of public education is most certainly flawed, but you can compensate for that with only a slight bit of intuition and effort.

    How to Replace Mailbox Lock without Key

    How to Replace Mailbox Lock without Key?

    Missing or misplaced your mailbox key is frustrated and stressful. You may have important or essential mils inside the mailbox. Even though you missed your key means just be cool and do the following steps to easily retrieving your mails. Here you can discover a few more important and easy steps to open or replace the mailbox without a key. If you want to replace the mailbox lock just arrange the thick screwdriver which is suitable for the lock screw. Press the screwdriver on the screw and rotate it slightly. The lock will be getting out from the mailbox. After that, you can easily install the new mailbox lock. Another method to replace the mailbox lock is using the cordless drill. It is one of the best methods to replace the mailbox lock without making any scratches, dents, and damages. You should have a cordless drill. And change the drill pin which is suitable for your mailbox hole properly. After changing it, make sure it is fixed in the hole of the mailbox. If yes, just start your drilling work carefully. Just drill using less pressure. Drill the mailbox hole with consistent pressure. Make sure you are drilling it in the straightway or not. If you slip or drill in the askew, it may cause to damage the mailbox. Now the lock is open, after that you can install the new lock for your mailbox.

    How to replace the mailbox lock with the lock releasing kit?

    How to replace the mailbox lock with the lock releasing kit

    Try to buy the lock releasing kit. It is one of the best ways to replace the mailbox without using the key. A lock releasing kit will save you valuable money and time. It is very safe and easy. This lock releasing kit will contain a screwdriver, multiple levers, driller, and lock release. You can have a huge option with this lock releasing kit. It is sufficient or suitable for every kind and size of mailbox. You can buy this lock releasing kit from your nearby hardware store, or from online. Take the lever from the kit, and enter it into the lock. Once it fixes well on the lock, make a forty-five-degree angle of rotation on the lever. It will open the lock. If it is not sufficient or open the lock use the lock releasing tool. Place the lock releasing tool into the lock and open it.

    Steps to replace the mailbox lock with hairpins

    Steps to replace the mailbox lock with hairpins

    If you are not able to buy the lock releasing kit, just make use of the hairpins. Hairpins are just an amazing trick to open the small size locks. Take a hairpin and bent it for a ninety-degree angle to insert into the lock. Make sure the hairpin is straight. And take another hairpin, and create it like a lever. Attach the hairpin lever into that straight hairpin. Now you have the perfect lever to open the lock. Just insert and open the lock like a key. Making a lever with a hairpin is simply a short and easy method.

    What to Look for in a High-Security Lock

    What to Look for in a High-Security Lock?

    The high-security lock should need a technologically improvised setting which is built into the lock as well key. Highly secured hardware is the most important aspect of the highly secured lock. It should be picked or break-resistant. It is drill resistant. There should not any possible way to open or break the lock. If the lock does not have a copy of the key is called a high-security lock. If the lock is only opened by the authorized person or authorized key is very safe. Locks with the security code, fingerprint, face recognition is available in the market. Few locks are only opened when the owner or authorized person enters the security code or their thumbprint. The high-security lock will contain a security layering process in a strong manner. These kinds of security keys are mostly used in banking, office, and so on. It is also used in a few of the home to protect their jewels and money. Highly secured locks are very essential for your house while you are leaving your house to enjoy your vacation, or visiting any temple and relative’s home, browse around this site. If you want to protect your house from criminals, theft, and spies the authorized and high-security lock is very essential.

    High-security lock to protect your home

    High-security lock to protect your home

    Most people are inspired by these kinds of high-security keys. None of the people wants to take risks while they went outside from home. Installing the high-security lock is a very good and essential idea. Nowadays there are plenty of issues that are raised by criminals who are theft the jewels and money. But the highly secure lock is the best solution to avoid and protect your things. You should know not every normal lock are protect your things from the burglars. So, make use of the high-security lock to get efficient results. You are in the technical world so just buy the latest and secured lock. You should take these kinds of security locks in your consideration in the contrast of various aspects. And also, just think about what is your need for buying the security keys. Your interior doors do not even need any specially secured lock. So that just buy a high-security lock for your main door. It should be safe all way. Once you secure the main door, all the other things which are inside your home will be safe.

    Drill and pick resistant high-security lock

    Drill and pick resistant high-security lock

    If you are interested to change your door lock with a high drill and pick resistance choose the heavy and strongest one. Choose the lock with high weight, which means it is very strong enough to unbroken. If you are in the stage of building a new house this is the best chance for you to fixing the high-security lock. If you want to make the burglar fool while they approaching your home, make use of this high-security lock. Set your choice in the heavy and metal lock, which long-lasting and unbreakable.

    How you can see Daytona 500 Live Stream

    How you can see Daytona 500 Live Stream?

    Would you want to watch the live Daytona tournament? Many websites are accessible to watch the Dayton 500 live stream. Make sure to choose the reputed website to get all the updates about Daytona’s upcoming tournament in days of the corona.

    Nothing can beat the fervor of rush of getting all the information about the live tournaments. If you can’t get the action on television or you are not ready to hear the critique is on the radio then you can encounter the genuine article with a live tournament on the websites. This is a genuine occasion to get the correct information about the most loved shares in the action field. All things considered, this is the best source to encounter genuine energy or fervor.

    Daytona 500 Live Stream

     Well if you are drained and need to observe live information about different game tournaments then you need to find a credible website where you will have the option to catch all the information. It’s justifiable that you get the open door in you to watch the live tournament. There can be numerous reasons when you are not ready to visit the arena for a live tournament. So, it doesn’t imply that you are missing all the updates of the tournament because you will have the option to get all the updates from extraordinary travel distance with the assistance of the internet. You can see the action of most loved players without any problem.

     Truly, it’s truly different to encounter the game tournaments live. Indeed, you will have the option to look at all the live-action on your smartphone or other devices. Doubtlessly, if you don’t have any desire to miss the excitement of watching the live tournament or need to share the most loved theme then you can access the Daytona 500 Live Stream. It turns into a more significant encounter for all individuals. Whenever you can get genuine updates about different game games.

     Would you like to get a wonderful open door as a fan to get the genuine updates? During the live tournament home, you will have the option to look at all the updates pretty much all the main players who are taking an interest in the tournament. Don’t think little of who when you are not ready to watch the abilities of these players yet you can get all the updates very soon.

     In request to looking at the presentation of the group, you need to watch out for each update. The theme consistently utilizes the best system to dominate the match. Before put down the wager, you need to pick the individuals carefully. As a cricket fan, you need to pick the best individuals if you need to make the game fulfilling. You will have the option to bring in a ton of cash. That is the reason it’s essential to get all the most recent updates about the game.

    see Daytona 500 Live

     If you need to watch the game on in-arena at the same time, it’s impractical then what’s happening with you? Generally, individuals want to observe every one of these matches on television. Yet, if you don’t have these options unfortunately then you can watch the match on your smartphone. There, you need to pick a solid website where you will have the option to get all the updates. Would not out thus, you can get the administrations of Daytona 500 Live Stream.

     How you can make the game compensating online? To make the game fulfilling, you need to put down the wager carefully. Ensure you pick the best players or look at the status of every one of these players before putting down the wager. It is exceptionally mentioned you look at all these realities before places.

    There is no compelling reason to oversee and its tickets or don’t make superfluous costs to get all the updates about most love games tournaments. Without doing any issues, you can get the correct information. Watching the live tournament is very different however once in a while it is unrealistic to go for watching the live tournament. All things considered, you can find the correct website to get all the reports on your smartphone utilizing the internet.

    Supercross Live stream

    Supercross Live Stream Experience

    Most of the world’s famous athletes are more different from other professional athletes. Supercross riders are physically demanding the dangerous portion in life. The championship race teams are competing together in all participants. All-time of life going to training for participation. The entirely different lifestyle is the biggest part of their life. Each supercross athlete must maintain life with extreme training with the winning mentality. Anyway, all racing motorcycles are even faster and performing the best.

    The performer of the supercross sports should train up well. It is not famous as like other spectator sports of baseball, football, cricket, etc. Still, the rabid fans are seriously eager to watching the supercross live stream. Bikers who riding at fast speeds up hills with the stunting risks, then they will get injured. On the viewers’ point of view, the match is fun to watch. But the players must injure even them wearing the athlete safety apparels. A lot of fun is entertaining the people in the ride. But riders have many skills to increase the popularity of viewing the players to encourage them. Of course, there is a higher level of danger involved as well. Then ordinary bike riders are not eagerly finding anybody wearing an expensive supercross helmet without a bike, but they might still want to represent their favourite supercross champion with brand-name boots, jackets and gloves.

    Supercross begins at a very young age:

    The supercross training is never stopped for all the athletes. They are well-trained with the team to practice the year-round tournament. All the training arrangements are prepared to stay competitive. All the athletes in other sports like football, baseball and many other sports are prepared to compete in school organizing functions or town related teams that permit kids to compete on the weekend when school is out of session. Supercross is not one of these sports. It is especially for the stunting youngsters who are driving the motorcycling very well. You may not have heard about supercross motorcycle racing before, it is a relatively new sports channel that is gaining in popularity.

    Nowadays most followers are eagerly waiting to watch the live stream of supercross with the attraction in sports. In 1974, the AMA introduced the championship program of supercross because it is to watch why. The supercross dirt bike races are most excited to watch on the television screen too. Moreover, the bike to participate in this championship is perfectly designed for the inspired technology to drive. It is the most exciting sports to watch at your end. A dream of motorcycling racer is only coming true when participating in the Supercross championship event. It is the toughest competition compared to other sports. At the schooling time, they need more attentive training to participate in it. It is not just a game but it is seriously worth watching Supercross Live stream on the television channels and any other online live media. It will be interesting to watch what the future holds for this style.

    How to Install Window Locks

    How to Install Window Locks?

    We cannot imagine a beautiful and fresh airy room without a window. No doubt window provides us with exceptional benefits and makes our rooms airy, but they also have a security risk.

    We need to lock our windows properly to ensure security for our valuable items in our room. But if you do not install locks properly, it can be risky for you.

    We need locksmith services for the installation of locks in the windows. Do you know you can also install the locks in your room widows like a professional locksmith? No? Then read this article and enhance your expertise.

    How to install window locks?

    install window locks

    We never compromise on our home security. To make your windows more secure, please follow these simple steps and install window locks in your home.

    Steps to install window locks:

    Steps to install window locks

    • First of all, identify the window material, such as wood, metal or plastic, etc. When you are determining a window, also choose the place where you will install the lock.
    • Once you have identified the window, you will get the idea about the lock. Go to the store and buy a good quality lock for your window.
    • Now arrange all the necessary tools such as drill machines, screwdrivers, and other essential tools.
    • Unpack the lock and check all the parts and tools available in the kit of window lock.
    • Now take measurements and mark placement on the window keeping, in mind your window lock’s size. Please use a pencil to mark the lines on the window.
    • Now fix the lock and make it tight with the screwdriver’s support, fast the nuts, and clarify that the lock is appropriately fixed and there is no loose side from any end.
    • Now assemble all the locks’ parts on the lock frame that you have fixed on the window. For making it in the right way, you can also take help from the instruction on the package of a lock.
    • Once you have installed all the internal parts of the lock, cover it with its decorated cover and check the window locks’ functions.
    • It is better to verify two or three times to confirm that everything is appropriately done and there is no fault.
    Some precautions:
    During the window installation, lock takes some precautions for making your lock a good performer and durable.
    • Never compromise on the quality, no doubt you will save your money by purchasing a less expensive lock, but it will be a risk for you in the future.
    • Always take a duplicate set of keys for the lock; it will help you in emergencies.
    • During installation, always doubly check the working for better and smooth working.
    • Always take the measures of the window before going to purchase the lock for your window.

    Final Thoughts:

    Windows locks are not complicated now to install; it’s a better idea to make your home security more strong by installing your house windows locks by yourself. Keep everything in your control regarding the security of your house.