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Tom Drury

"A Major Figure in American literature."

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"[Pacific is] just a beautiful book of quiet power that deserves recognition as a contemporary classic, with Drury one of our living masters."


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TOM DRURY Tom Drury was born in Iowa in 1956. The recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, Drury has published short fiction and essays in The New Yorker, A Public Space, Ploughshares, Granta, The Mississippi Review,...


How to Refresh Tired Old Wood Furniture on the Cheap

Is some of your old wood furniture looking a little tired? Refreshing a piece of old furniture isn't hard to do nor has to cost...
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NBA Finals Live Stream: Format of the Tournament

The NBA Finals Live Stream will start streaming from July 8, 2021. The playoff round is happening already. If you're following the game for some...
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How to Watch Stanley Cup Finals 2021 Live Stream in Mexico

Hello there, Mexican Ice Hockey fans. You already know that the exciting NHL Playoff is going on in America and Canada. From Mexico, you won't...
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How to Load a Nail Gun?

We need to reload the nail gun after using the preloaded nails. Loading the nails in a nail gun is quite easy and does not...
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Us Open Golf Live Stream: How to Watch from South Africa

Based on recent research, golf is most popular in South Africa after the United States. No wonder why some of the best golfers in history...
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Bio & Contacts


Tom Drury was born in Iowa in 1956. The recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, Drury has published short fiction and essays in The New Yorker, A Public Space, Ploughshares, Granta, The Mississippi Review, The New York Times Magazine, and Tricycle: The Buddhist Review. His novels have been translated into German, Spanish, and French. “Path Lights,” a story Drury published in The New Yorker, was made into a short film starring John Hawkes and Robin Weigert and directed by Zachary Sluser. The film debuted on David Lynch Foundation Television and played in film festivals around the world. In addition to Iowa, Drury has lived in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, and California. He currently lives in Brooklyn and is published by Grove Press.


    How to Load a Nail Gun?

    We need to reload the nail gun after using the preloaded nails....
    Read More "How to Load a Nail Gun?"

    Accounting Scholarships

    A degree in accounting can open up a whole world of career...
    Read More "Accounting Scholarships"


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    How to Refresh Tired Old Wood Furniture

    How to Refresh Tired Old Wood Furniture on the Cheap

    Is some of your old wood furniture looking a little tired? Refreshing a piece of old furniture isn’t hard to do nor has to cost a lot of money. Sometimes all it takes to refresh your furniture is a little TLC and a bit of rearranging. Here are several ideas to get you started.

    Shine and restore. Furniture polish is an easy way to refresh tired old furniture. While a product like Pledge is fine for daily use, I’ll switch to a restorative product for the times my furniture needs some serious help. Restorative cleaners do more than polish up old furniture; they hide old scratches and dings while reviving the original patina. Restorative formulas can be found at hardware stores or online.

    Old Wood Furniture

    Erase the water rings. Are your coffee and ends tables covered with white water rings? Help is no further away than the bathroom. A dab of toothpaste will erase the white lines and freshen up the surface without damaging the finish. If you hate wasting toothpaste for this easy DIY fix, try using a smidgeon of moistened fireplace ash instead.

    Cover it up. Grandma used to cover her old wood furniture with doilies to protect the surface and hide unsightly stains. If you aren’t a doily person, hit the antique stores for some vintage bridge card table covers to drape over the furniture instead. Bridge table covers are about 3 feet square and often decorated with elaborate cutwork, needlework and appliques. These colorful textiles are an easy way to introduce some color into your home and surprisingly, don’t cost a lot of money.

    Touch up the scratches. If your furniture has nicks and scratches that are visible from across the room, the Tibet Almond Stick is a quick way to hide minor damage. This amazing product darkens scratches so they disappear. The Tibet Almond Stick can be tough to find since it’s such an old product; if you can’t find it locally, there are several on-line retailers that keep this product in stock.

    Repurpose it. While I’ll never destroy one of my antiques so as to turn it in a portable bar or bathroom counter, I don’t have any reservations about repurposing items into something more practical. A tired old dresser, for example, can be refreshed by simply moving it in the kitchen where it can hold a display of vintage kitchen linens. A beat old Victrola can be moved into the living room to hold a display of pottery, and so on. Finding a new use or even a new location for old furniture is sometimes all it takes for your family (and your guests) to see these pieces in a whole new light.

    NBA Finals Live Stream

    NBA Finals Live Stream: Format of the Tournament

    The NBA Finals Live Stream will start streaming from July 8, 2021. The playoff round is happening already. If you’re following the game for some time, you may get confused with the format. East, and West Conferences, Play in and Playoff and a lot more things may sound confusing.

    This mostly happens to new viewers. However, this year the league is slightly different. So, many old fans may also lose track of the game. Therefore, this article will discuss how the whole NBA league works from start to end.



    If you are an old fan of basketball and have a good idea of the conferences, you can jump into the next para. However, as new viewers of the NBA, you must first learn about the conferences to understand the tournament format.

    All the NBA teams are divided into two conferences. Eastern & Western. Teams in each conference compete against other teams within the conferences. Then top teams from each conference advanced to the playoffs and finals.

    The logic behind conferences is that it saves traveling time. It has often been seen that frequent traveling causes fatigue and leads to poor performance. Due to the conference system, teams play one home and one away game during the regular season. Conferences also reduce the number of total games.


    We’re coming close to the exciting NBA Finals live stream. After a few rounds of games, the top teams will go to the finals and fight for the championship. After the regular season this year, the post-season started with Play-in. After that, the playoff started, and then finally, the finals will begin in July. Below, we’ve explained everything well:


    The play-in is the latest edition in the NBA league. It started last season. Though a lot of people criticized it, the NBA continued with Play-in this season too.

    The rules for play-in tournaments are quite simple. Usually, eight seeds from each conference go to the play-off. After the regular season, the top 6 seeds directly get qualified. Then, four seeds from seventh to the tenth position compete for the final two spots.


    After the play-in, the top 8 seeds compete against each other to get qualified for the finals. Play-off happens in three rounds. In the first round, the eight seeds are divided into four groups consisting of two in each group. Then they play a best of seven series game.

    If a team wins four without playing all the games, it advances to the next round ignoring the rest of the games. Then four teams get qualified, and finally one remains who competes against the top team of the other conference.


    Finally, the top team from each conference fights for the championship. Similar to the Play-off, the two teams also play the best of seven series games in the finals.

    The team with four victories wins the title. In the last season, the Los Angeles Lakers won the championship defeating the Miami Heat in the sixth game. To know who wins the current season, watch the NBA Finals live stream starting July 8, 2021.

    How NBA 2020-2021 Season is Different from the Previous Seasons

    How NBA 2020-2021 Season is Different from the Previous Seasons

    The format of the NBA games this year is slightly different from previous seasons. In the past, the top 8 teams from the regular season directly went to the play-off. But this year, the final two teams will have qualified by winning the play-in tournament. In the past, 82 games were played throughout the league, which was reduced to 72 this year. However, these changes started from the last season.


    We hope you’ve understood how the NBA league works. After the regular season and play-in games, the top 8 teams from each conference play to qualify for the finals. Both the play-off and finals are played in a best of seven series games.

    Stanley Cup Finals 2021 Live Stream

    How to Watch Stanley Cup Finals 2021 Live Stream in Mexico

    Hello there, Mexican Ice Hockey fans. You already know that the exciting NHL Playoff is going on in America and Canada. From Mexico, you won’t want to miss the thrilling Stanley Cup Finals 2021 live stream.

    Though the league consists of American and Canadian teams, it has a loyal fan base in Mexico too. That’s why, in this article, we’ll discuss how you can watch the finals from Mexico. So, if you don’t want to miss the finals, continue reading till the end.

    Watch Stanley Cup Finals 2021 Live Stream in Mexico

    Stanley Cup Finals 2021 Live Stream

    Every year, the game has been streaming in Mexico on different channels. This year it’s no different. You can watch the whole league, including the play-off and finals, from your home in Mexico.

    So which channel is the Stanley Cup Finals 2021 live stream on?

    It’s Sky Mexico.

    Following are the details on watching the final games on Sky Mexico.

    Watch Stanley Cup Finals on Sky Mexico

    The sky is a popular international sports tv channel. They have their operations in many countries around the world. The Mexican Sky channel is going to stream the Stanley Cup Finals this year.

    This season’s play-off started with 16 ice hockey teams. After a few of the rounds, we’ll finally get two teams. These two teams will battle for the Stanley Cup trophy. From Mexico, you must want to support your favorite team in the finals.

    Sky Mexico gives you the chance to watch and support your favorite team in the NHL. Now the question is, how?

    Well, Sky Mexico is available as a satellite in Mexico. So, if you have a satellite tv connection in your home, you can watch Sky TV. So, check if the channel is available on your television. If you fail to find it, we suggest you contact your service provider and ask for the channel.

    Besides, you also can stream Sky Mexico through Sky Go on your Smartphone. Sky Go app is available on both iOs and Android platforms. All you have to do is to download the app and enter your television provider’s credential to sign up. Then you can watch the Stanley Cup Finals 2021 live stream on your Smartphone from anywhere. The good thing is, if you’re singing in with your satellite tv subscription, you don’t need to pay extra money. In other cases, you may need to pay a little subscription fee.

    How will the Stanley Cup Finals be Played?

    How will the Stanley Cup Finals be Played

    The Stanley Cup Finals will be played in a best of seven series match format. That means two teams will play seven games, and the team with the most wins will win the finals. However, to become the Champion, a team needs to win only four matches. So, if any team wins four games without playing all the games, the finals will stop there. And the victorious team will be crowned.

    Final Words

    Enjoy the exciting Stanley Cup Finals 2021 live stream from Mexico on Sky. Besides the NHL, Sky telecasts all the major sports events in Mexico. So, subscribing to it will be worth your money. We hope your favorite team wins the Stanley Cup Finals.

    How to Load a Nail Gun

    How to Load a Nail Gun?

    We need to reload the nail gun after using the preloaded nails. Loading the nails in a nail gun is quite easy and does not take much time. But it becomes challenging if you do not read the instructions carefully.

    It is not a tough job for everyone, and you may think it is easy for you, but a little mistake in loading the nails in your nail gun can cause a serious staple jammed problem, which may disturb your work.

    Wrong load nails are one of the major problems of jammed nails, so to avoid you should load the staples in the nail gun properly. Read the below content to know how to load the nail guns.

    Steps to load a nail gun

    Steps to load a nail gun

    Nail guns are awesome tools to work; all nail guns need to load. Having the best nail gun is not enough for good performance; no matter if you have the best nail gun for Hardie trim, you will need to load it properly to work smoother.

    Unload magazine

    First of all, disconnect your nail gun from the power source and inspect the magazine that holds the nails. Check the magazine to ensure that the magazine is empty and there is no staple remaining in the magazine.

    It is necessary because your nail gun magazine will open freely only when the magazine is empty. It will also ensure you that there are no jammed nails in the magazine. If there are any jammed nails, then remove them first and then go for the next process. Once you have ensured, no staples remain in the magazine, then go for the next step.

    Connect with a power source

    Now connect the nail gun with the power source; it is necessary because when you load it before powering and will power it again, it may burn due to sudden load. So only connect with the power hose when you ensure that the gun is empty.

    Load Nails in the chamber

    Choose the safe place and ensure that the gun is at the proper distance from you and others, then pull its spring-loaded magazine and slide it back until you confirm the magazine is locked correctly at its place. When you slide, then it will create space for loading nails inside the nail chamber.

    Next to that, go for loading the nails, load the strip of staples at the appropriate length, and gauge with your model of nail gun.

    It is best to make sure that the nails are pointed outward toward the front side of the gun and can slide easily forth and back.

     After assurance that nails are placed in the proper place, now unlock the slide, allow the spring to push, and allow it along with the nail’s firing mechanism.

    Now your gun is properly loaded and ready for the firing, but you need to do the finishing job before sitting at work.

    nail gun for Hardie trim

    Finishing Job

    You have loaded the nails in the nail gun; now it’s time to check that staples are properly loaded because it is necessary; otherwise, it will create a nail jammed problem. Now disconnect the nail gun from the connected power source and remove all pressure from the nail gun.

    Now fire the gun at scrap wood to check its functioning; if the nail gun is properly firing, it is ready to do your professional project.

    Final Thoughts

    Nail guns help us to push the nail metals in Hardie surfaces. You need the best nail gun for Hardie trim, but it is also necessary to load the nail gun properly. It will ensure smooth functioning and will also reduce nail jammed problems.

    Us Open Golf Live Stream

    Us Open Golf Live Stream: How to Watch from South Africa

    Based on recent research, golf is most popular in South Africa after the United States. No wonder why some of the best golfers in history came from South Africa. As an African golf fan, you’ll obviously watch the US Open golf live stream this year. In case you don’t know where to watch, we’re here to help. This article will cover all the details regarding watching the event in South Africa.

    The US Open Golf Live Stream in South Africa

    The US Open Golf Live Stream in South Africa

    In 2021, Supersport is the official broadcaster to stream US Open golf live in South Africa. It’s the most significant sports network channel available in the country. Supersports covers all the major sports events, including the Cricket world cup, football world cup, golf championships, etc.

    Hence, if you live in South Africa, you must be familiar with the channel. However, if you’re traveling the country during US Open week, then you might need to find a way to access the network. We’ll talk about that shortly.

    Almost every year, some South African golfers participate in the US Open golf championship. Previously, Retief Goosen won the title twice from South Africa. In the future, we expect more winners to come from the country. To know who wins this year, tune into Supersport from 17th to 20th June 2021.

    How to Get Supersport in South Africa

    If you don’t have access to Supersport yet, you can get it instantly with any of the following methods.

    Watch Supersport on TV

    Almost every house has a television. It’s the best device to enjoy sports events. So, if you have a cable connection with your tv, search for the supersport channel. If you don’t, then get one today. Before installing the connection, check if the provider offers the Supersports channel.

    Supersport Online Subscription

    If you don’t prefer television, you can go to the official website of Supersport. There you can sign up and subscribe to watch the US Open golf live stream. Besides, you’ll have access to other sports events too.

    Supersport Mobile App

    Recently, Supersport launched its official mobile application. You can download it on your device from the Play Store and Apple Store for free. If you have subscribed to their website, log in with the information and enjoy the US Open golf. Or you can sign up in the app too.

    DStv Now

    You also can access Supersport through DStv now. It’s quite a popular streaming service provider in South Africa. Besides, Supersport, DStv comes with a lot more channels.

    The subscription fee for DStv now starts at R30 per month. It’s the cheapest option available. For more channels, you’ll have to pay some extra money. However, they also have a free plan. But sadly, Supersport is not included in the free plan till now. So, to watch the US Open golf championship, you’ll have to subscribe with any of their packages.

    Final Words

    Being able to watch every tee shot properly is exciting to all golf fans. The US Open golf live stream on Supersport gives you that opportunity. So, access the channel as soon as possible. After that, grab a pack of popcorn, and enjoy the biggest game of golf.

    The Right Fuel and the Right Car Can Save You Thousands of Dollars Per Year

    The Right Fuel and the Right Car Can Save You Thousands of Dollars Per Year

    The CA smog test is composed of tests for 6 different, specific pollutants. Each test is calibrated in terms of a low to high range of particulate matter. So ranges for the tests would be: 4 to 180, 10 to 125, etc. They are stated low to high.

    Since the Ford Contour I bought had spent its entire life running only on CNG, the engine was remarkably clean. So clean that the results surprised the technician. He showed me the results and in 5 out of 6 of the tests, my car registered ZERO. In the remaining test, my car registered a ONE when the minimum was a FOUR.

    An astounding result but evidence of how cleanly CNG burns that it leaves no residue in the engine. Another important point to add: CA requires the smog test for a bi-fuel car to be conducted while the car is running on gasoline. This means that short term emissions from gasoline use in a bi-fuel car primarily run on CNG are reduced.

    Right Car

    Actually using CNG as a fuel is almost a culture shock. The ’98 Contour runs on 3,000psi CNG. Fast fill CNG refueling stations like that at Long Beach Energy Dept. take mere seconds to fill its 4.8 GGE (Gasoline Gallon Equivalents) tank. All you do is attach the proper pressure nozzle to you refueling receptacle and throw the lever. You hear a loud WHOOOSH as the tank fills. It stops when the tank is full. That’s it. No odor; no spillage, see details.

    There are 2 CNG standard pressures which are in use: 3000psi, as mentioned, and 3600psi. What’s the difference? You pay the same price for either pressure because you are charged by the GGE. Yet you can drive 20% further on the higher pressure since the pressure is 20% higher – given the same volume – yet different pressure rated – tanks.

    Driving a CNG car is no different than a gasoline car except the engine runs and accelerates smoother and faster. Here’s why it accelerates faster: gasoline comes in 3 octanes at the pump: 87, 89 and 93. The octane rating of natural gas is 130. This results in a dedicated CNG engine being designed for the fuel. Specifically, gasoline engines have compression ratios of 8.9 to 9.0 to 1. Dedicated CNG engines have a compression ratio of 13 to 1.

    Another part of the driving experience is the lack of odor. Natural gas has mercaptan added to it so you can smell a leak. Well, because natural gas burns a lot hotter than gasoline, it incinerates mercapton as well as any pollutants in the air that enters the engine as well.

    The EPA set up a dedicated CNG Ford Crown Vic next to an air quality sampling station in downtown L.A. and measured the pollution coming out of its tailpipe and compared it with ambient downtown L.A. air. The results showed that the CNG car took in polluted air and emitted cleaner air. They attributed this to the higher burning temperature of natural gas and its incinerator effect. The car literally vacuumed pollution out of the air.

    I have to mention another aspect of running on CNG. No lines at the pumps. No matter where I’ve refueled across the country, there’s never a line. I’ve passed many gasoline stations over the years – when supplies got tight and prices peaked – which had miles long multiple lines. And again I have to mention speed of refueling. My factory CNG only Crown Vics (which have 6 tanks totally 16 gallons – GGE) only take 45 to 60 seconds to fill.

    Next time I’ll discuss my dedicated CNG 1999 Crown Vics. They are a fat ride and stretched 6″ at the factory.

    Play Dough and Clay Molding Techniques

    Play Dough and Clay Molding Techniques

    Children of all ages can learn a variety of techniques that will allow them to create an assortment of shapes with clay and play dough.

    Whether kids are working with air-dry clay, modeling clay, polymer clay or even a homemade salt-and-dough clay, there are basic techniques that will allow help them to make the creations they imagine. Although it is easy for adults to assume that children can figure out how to work with clay by actually playing with, some guidance is always helpful.

    Clay Modeling Tools

    Clay Modeling Tools

    Kids should work on a vinyl tablecloth that will protect the surface below. A rolling pin, table knife, and a couple of small boards will give kids the ability to shape clay and dough. Check out Play with Play Dough Tools for more ways kids can manipulate clay, see more.

    Some types clay need to be warmed in the hands and kneaded before the child can begin working on their art project. If the child is frustrated by clay that crumbles or falls apart, have the child alternate holding a small amount of clay in her hands and then kneading it until the clay is soft.

    Clay Molding Ideas for Kids

    The following techniques go from simplest to more complex. The resulting shapes will allow children to create anything that they can picture.

    Snake and Cylinder – Form a snake by rolling a piece of clay or dough back and forth between the palms of your hands until it becomes long and thin. As the snake extends beyond your hands, set it on a table covered with a tablecloth dedicated to craft projects and roll the dough back and form. To form a cylinder, use a plastic table knife to cut off the tapered ends.

    Ball, Egg, and Raindrop To make a ball, roll a piece of dough between the palms of your hands using a circular motion. If the dough or clay cracks, it is too cold. Warm the class by alternating pressing the dough flat like a pancake and rolling it in a ball. To make an egg, form a ball and then roll it back and forth until it is oval. Gently pinch one end to create the egg shape. To make a raindrop or teardrop shape, pinch one end of a ball.

    Pancake and Petal Pancakes don’t have to be round. Create any of the above shapes and then flatten it with your fingers or a small rolling pin. If you have a large piece of clay you want to flatten, use a flat board. Create a petal by flattening a ball or drop shape into a pancake. Then pinch along one side.

    Cube – Form a cylinder. Press the top of the shape with a cylinder. Give the shape a quarter turn and repeat the flattening motion. Turn the shape again and flatten the ends so you’ll have a cube.

    SlabSet the dough between two boards. Use the rolling pin to flatten the clay. Use a knife to straighten the other two edges.

    If your children enjoy working with clay and play dough, you can save money by creating your own Salt and Flour Dough using any of an assortment of recipes. Keep homemade play clays in the refrigerator in a sealable food storage bag or a food storage container. Allow the dough to warm up before use.

    Accounting Scholarships

    Accounting Scholarships

    A degree in accounting can open up a whole world of career opportunities. Students who study accounting can do so much more than become certified public accountants. Many students who earn undergraduate or advanced degrees go on to work for the IRS or the FBI. Other students find work with private companies as claims adjusters, payroll managers, internal auditors, controllers, actuaries, and financial analysts. You can even use your expertise in the field of accounting to become a professor or a teacher.

    If you want to find out more about earning a degree in accounting, it’s a good idea to interview former graduates, and speak with your career advisor. Most high school career centers provide students with research materials on different college majors. US News and World Reports published an online article called “America’s Best Graduate Schools.” According to Contabilidade Online, the top three schools for accounting are the University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, and University of Texas at Austin.

    Scholarships for Accounting Students

    Scholarships for Accounting Students

    There are several scholarships for students who want to earn degrees in accounting. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants sponsors the John L. Carey Scholarship for students seeking graduate level degrees in accounting. This is a $5,000 award, and it can be renewed for a second year if you provide proof of academic progress.

    The Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting also offers several scholarships to women who want to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees in accounting. This organization is dedicated to helping to increase interest in the field of accounting among women by providing information about the field, educational resources, and financial assistance. If you’re seeking a Ph.D. in accounting, you might want to apply for the Laurels Fund scholarship. EFWA also sponsors the Women in Transition Scholarship for adults who return to school to earn an undergraduate degree in accounting. EFWA also provides information about scholarships sponsored by other organizations such as the American Society of Women Accountants.

    Accounting Sales Incentives

    Ultimately, your success as a sales manager or team leader comes down to more than just the tools you use to motivate your staff. Not only must you design a compensation program that gets your workers excited, you must also track your campaign in a highly visible matter. To that extent, your role is one of ringmaster or showman.

    In short, you must develop a method by which to account for your sales as they come in. Some managers opt for the so-called big board on which every rep’s name is written. Next to each name is the corresponding dollar amount that he or she has produced to date. There are, however, other ways of accounting for your sales as well.

    The Software Solution

    The advantage of a sales software package is that it may provide you with more useful functionality than a giant chalk board. You could, for instance, recast your sales figures any number of ways and break down revenues by staff member, by time of day, by lead-generation method, or by average sale and commission. Better still, you can purchase software that accounts for your sales on an accrual basis; that is, every time a deal closes, the amounts show up instantaneously on your screen. The drawback of accounting for your sales via computer is that it doesn’t lend itself to the sort of showmanship you need–unless of course you project the data onto a screen or present it in some other compelling fashion. One way around this is to set up every individual computer terminal in your office with a copy of the software and keep a running total going on every rep’s machine. with every member of your sales force tracking the competition on his or her own computer monitor, there’s no need for a central board or screen in the first place.

    Business Process Management

    Business Process Management

    Change of control is an important part of a business. Before understanding how does change of control should work in a business we need to understand how you should process the management part of your business wisely.

    For any business, good process management is a requirement if the company wants to be able to improve their operations. A system that handles changes and processes must be flexible, without sacrificing a good work flow. This means that while the system requires complexity to function, it must be simple enough for all the employees of a company to use.

    Business Process

    For a business, a good process management system should do four primary things. These include allowing initiation of a change, approval of the change, implementation of the change and confirmation that the change to the system has been made. These four processes allow a company to work efficiently in making sure everything that needs done is done. In order to be able to make a good decision on whether your business can benefit from the process management system, you need a firm understanding of how each part of the process works. The initiation phase requires that the person proposing a new change to the business fill in a form with questions on the purpose of the change and who should be involved in making the change happen, check more details here.

    The Group selected to be informed of the change makes it so that only specific users are aware of certain changes. This is useful in making sure that only the people who are supposed to be involved are involved. The next phase is the approval phase. This is where all of the members of the Group you assigned the change to approve the proposed change. This is where discussion and planning occur. The third phase is the implementation phase. This is where the member assigned to the task of installing or implementing the change carries it out. This can be anything from making a purchase of a new server to changing a staff policy. The final phase is the easiest, where confirmation of the change has occurred. If the change has not been completed, the project will remain in the implementation phase until it has been finished. These four steps flow easily into each other, allowing for a company to make the most of their time and money. As many people are very busy when working, avoiding the run around and the hassle involved in constant meetings to make minor and major decisions can really benefit the efficiency of your employees.

    The Magic Bullet Blender

    The Magic Bullet Blender: Product Review

    The Magic Bullet Blender is unique in design. It has tall narrow cups that help to “cyclone” the food toward the blades. It’s design allows you to do most blending and food processing jobs in ten seconds or less. The Magic Bullet System comes with drink cups, tall and short blending cups, a blender attachment for larger blending projects, and a juicer attachment.


    Bullet Blender

    This system really does make blending easy. You can blend a wide variety of foods, including ice, quickly and easily. The base of the blender is very narrow and small making it easy to leave on the counter, unlike bulkier machines. Following the ten minute recipe book gives you several great options for a wide variety of foods that can really be done in ten minutes or less. The drink cups allow you to blend drinks right into a cup, add a comfort ring and go.

    Additionally you can store things right in the cup they were blended in. Microwave things in these cups making sauces a breeze. And you can take them with you fairly easily. With the two different blades you can do everything from making drinks, batters, soft doughs, grated cheese or veggies, and even grinding coffee and whipping cream.

    Additionally, these parts are easy to clean. The plastic is something that is easy to wipe clean, it can be microwaved with water to get off stubborn foods, and can be rinsed easily. They are dishwasher safe and can be rinsed and tossed in.



    The biggest con to the Magic Bullet System is storage. With all of the different parts there is a huge amount of storage space that is needed. Additionally it would be nice to have even more cups and extra blades, see details. These can be purchased at an additional cost.


    The cost of the Magic Bullet is a little more then inexpensive blenders. There are many blenders or food processors that cost more, however this isn’t an inexpensive piece of equipment. On the Magic Bullet official website you can get the magic bullet for $99.99 plus shipping and handling. However, you can sometimes find them in stores such as Best Buy for less.

    Over all the Magic Bullet is worth it. It is very good and does a wide variety of jobs. Making drinks in it can alone make it worth while. However, it goes so far and above that!