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How to Adjust Garage Door Spring Tension

How to Adjust Garage Door Spring Tension

If you have all the instruments. You are capable of adjusting the tension of the garage door spring and lack the idea of adjusting the springs. Here are steps to help you out in adjusting the spring of garage door repair Bloomington MN. With the help of these steps, you can easily adjust the spring by yourself. There few steps that you need to follow to get the desired outcome:

● Shut the door of the garage- You should remove the opener if you have an automatic garage door opener.

● Secure the door- To prevent the door from getting burst open while adjusting the tension, place a C-clamp or a pair of locking pliers on the track of the garage door above the underside roller.

● Locate the winding cone- To locate the spring follow its way from the stationary center plate till where it ends. And at the end, you will find the winding cone keeping it in place. You will find four holes and two screws that are used to lock the spring at the center shaft.

You will have to adjust the winding cone by putting in the winding bars in the holes and rotating it to adjust, for changing the tension in the spring.

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● Undo the set screws – To lose the screws, set the winding cone into the bottom hold on the cone in the place on the winding collar.

After removing the screws keep it safe and check that if there is any horizontal or deep area given then make sure that after completing the adjustments you place the screws in the same areas.

Ready to make adjustments in tension – Now place the bars into the two consecutive holes given in the winding cone. Be in the position, at the side and away from the spring, so that in case it breaks then causes no harm to you.

● Adjust the tension – Insert the rods fully, and then rotate the rods by 90 degrees, to make it ¼ turn.

● Increase the tension – wind the come up to increase the tension.

● Decrease the tension – wind the cone down to decrease the tension.

● Until the door is fixed, repeat the steps and get the tension you require.

● Stretching the spring – Don’t disturb the bottom bars and just remove the second one. Then measure the ¼ inch from the cone and mark it on the masking tape with the help of a marker. Keeping the bottom rod inside, pull it a little up on the bar, towards the center plate. Along with it, keep tapping the bar till you stretch the spring on the mark made by the marker.

Adjust Garage Door Spring Tension

● Tighten the screws – As the spring is stretched to the desired position, hold it in place with the help of a rod and then lock it by tightening the set screws. Keep in mind that you place the screw at the same place from where you have taken it out.

● Repeat it on the other side – you can find that some torsion has machines consisting of two springs. If the machine has two things then repeat the step for both of the springs to adjust it equally and maintain the balance.

● Test your door – At the end, remove the clamps that were placed for securing the doors and then check the doors that the tension is adjusted or not. In case of not, then repeat the steps to gain the tension that you want.

● If you have an automatic garage door opener, then plug it back if the tension is adjusted.

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