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How to Install Roof Rack on Car Without Rails

How to Install Roof Rack on Car Without Rails

To install a roof rack, you must remove all objects from your vehicle. Then, connect the crossbars and position the bars. After that, join the clamps to the towers. Then, position the clamp between window trim and the door jamb. Make sure that the clamp does not move even when the vehicle is shaken. Now, the roof rack can be secured. It will be easier to carry and put on your items if you follow these simple steps.


A roof rack for your car is a great way to carry your bicycles or other gear. These mount on the roof of your vehicle and have crossbars installed in specific locations. They will keep your gear secure without any leakage in case of rain. The different types of racks available on the market include Q-Towers from Yakima, 400xt Aero Foot Packs from Thule, and many more. If your car doesn’t have crossbars, a fit kit is necessary.

Base towers

A base tower for roof rack installation on car without rails is a versatile accessory that sits on the top of your roof. It connects the roof rack to crossbars on the car’s roof and provides stability for the equipment. Different base towers will fit different car models and will be installed differently. Some have a crossbar attached at the base while others don’t. Some roof rack systems include fitting kits and landing pads.

Frostfire Inflatable Roof Rack

This inflatable roof rack is made of strong plastic material and is easy to install. It comes with a detachable carrying case and comes with two roof rack bars that deflate into a small package. This rack is suitable for storing bicycles, surfboards, SUPs, kayaks, and other sports equipment, and has a weight capacity of up to 132 pounds. The rack can be stored in the boot of the car when not in use.

In-situ stay rack

If you have a vehicle without rails, but still want to have a roof rack on the top, you can install an In-situ stay-rack system. It uses a series of padded feet that thread through the vehicle’s frame to secure the rack in place. The crossbars are made from a heavy-duty steel material, and the rack is capable of supporting up to 150 pounds.

Malone VersaRail

Malone has created a new roof rack system that transforms your bare car roof into a useful rooftop rack. With a sleek and easy-to-install design, this rack will secure your cargo with suction towers and corrosion-resistant steel bars. Its 135-lb. capacity and rectangular bar profile fit most cars, and it’s available in multiple lengths.

Frostfire Universal Black Steel Cargo Basket

The Frostfire Universal Black Steel Cargo Basket for a car without rails is made from steel, and has double-coated PVC walls for durability. It fits a variety of vehicles, including those without a roof rack, and comes with a locking mechanism to secure items in place. These racks fit most vehicles, but the maximum span between side rails is 49 inches.

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