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How to Pump a Car Tyre

How to Pump a Car Tyre

Before going for a single drive, it is a must to check the tyre pressure. Tyres need the properly inflated to the proper psi to work it perfectly. What is PSI? PSI or Pounds per Square Inch is the unit of the measurement that shows how much air pressure is inside tyres. Without having proper knowledge about how to pump a car tyre, often car gets stuck on the road or waiting for mobile car servicing. Think about how it would be if you learn DIY pump a car’s tyre at that time.

Why air pressure is important?

When to check tire pressure

Keeping properly air pressure inside tyres is a major concern for the driver when the car is running on the road. Under air pressure inside tyres is associated with safety issues and has a serious effect on a car’s performance. Without proper amount of air inflation inside the tyre, it is getting lost it’s stability gradually. It resists increasing the car’s speed. Keeping your car’s tyre in proper inflated to the proper psi is a must. Sometimes you will be too far from the garage when you need to fill the air inside your tyres. So learning how to pump a car tyre is a very very important subject.

When to check tire pressure?

It is highly recommended that you should check tyre pressure minimum once a month. But never miss checking before going for a long journey. I want to make you understand that always check air inflation before going for a ride and at least once when your car is in your garage. There is a question arise – how to check a car’s tyre pressure before asking how to pump a car tyre, then you can use tire gauge or vehicle tire placard.

Following the way to pump your car’s tyre so that you can ride confidently.

Following the way to pump your car's tyre so that you can ride confidently.

Choose The Right Tire Pressure Gauge:

It is available at car parts or garage stores. You will be in doubt because there are two types of portable gauge and fixed workshop gauges. The portable gauge is also two types: dial type and pencil type. A portable pocket is inexpensive than a fixed workshop gauge.

Read The Air Pressure

Find and unscrew the valve (rubber or metal) to reveal the air valve. Push the air valve into the gauge. Press it firmly. The gauge will start to count the air pressure. Hold it a few moments, pull it away, and read the air pressure.

Determine How Much Air Should Be In Tyre

Look the driver-side doorpost or consult your car’s manual to know the recommended air pressure. Air pressure range is usually from 30 to 35 psi. Remove the valve stem cap that covers the end of the valve.

Determine Which Air Pump You Use

There are two types of air pump: Automatic air compressor and a manual floor pump. Automatic air compressors more expensive than a manual floor pump. But you can fill air up your tyre faster than using a manual floor pump. If you buy a manual floor pump to use, It must have compatible with Schrader-valve. Remember your tyre must cold before pumping for air inflation.

Replace all of the car’s parts at there right place

Recheck the air pressure of your tyre and make sure it fills the recommended PSI. Replace valve stem cap after filling the air in a tyre.

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