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How to Wipe an iPhone?

How to Wipe an iPhone?

These days, the craze of using and having iPhone like a branded and the priceless phone is on its Prime level and people want to use it instead of other similar mobile devices. It can be said that the iPhone has awesome features and advanced features that can make a user much happier. If you are among the Global users of iPhone then you may be aware of the wiping out system or when you want to delete something from your iPhone concept. If you do not know how to delete something from your iPhone then you should go through the following paragraphs of this same article.

Open the Settings app from the Home-screen of iPhone

First of all, you need to open the setting App from the home screen of your iPhone or iPod and this will give you the needed option. One should never commit the mistakes to open and ask the things and they should open the setting App.

Now tap on “General”

How to Wipe an iPhone

After following the previous step successfully, you should tap on the general option given.

Open all the way to the bottom and tap on reorganizing

The third step asks you to open all the way to the bottom and tap on reorganize or reset option given in the option when you browse the general.

Select Erase All Content and Settings

Next, you can select erase all contents and settings and this may be enough for you to erase all contents and settings of your iPhone within some really quick time.

Click on Erase iPhone

Click on Erase iPhone

If you would not able to delete or erase all content and settings then you need to click on erase iPhone option given in your iPhone when you browse the general option.

Next, click on Erase iPhone again to confirm

Before you start deleting or erasing the iPhone the system will ask you to confirm this. It simply means that you need to click on erase iPhone again to confirm and this confirmation mainly leads to you know the button want to delete for my iPhone now.

Submit your Passcode

The system will also ask you to submit your Passcode or enter your Passcode when you are all set to delete or erase iPhone and iPhone data. Women should never enter the Wrong Passcode When asked because if you will enter then you may not be able to erase or wife and iPhone. In short, you need to submit the Passcode correct.

Enter your Apple ID secret word

After following the previous step successfully now, you have to enter your Apple ID secret word or password so that you can erase the desired data. This will lead you to your wife and iPhone within some really good time and you do not need to ask anyone else for further help. To turn offset off security device and get rid of the device from Find my iPhone, this step is useful. You would be able to wipe an iPhone now if you will successfully follow all these mentioned steps.

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