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The Magic Bullet Blender: Product Review

The Magic Bullet Blender: Product Review

The Magic Bullet Blender is unique in design. It has tall narrow cups that help to “cyclone” the food toward the blades. It’s design allows you to do most blending and food processing jobs in ten seconds or less. The Magic Bullet System comes with drink cups, tall and short blending cups, a blender attachment for larger blending projects, and a juicer attachment.


Bullet Blender

This system really does make blending easy. You can blend a wide variety of foods, including ice, quickly and easily. The base of the blender is very narrow and small making it easy to leave on the counter, unlike bulkier machines. Following the ten minute recipe book gives you several great options for a wide variety of foods that can really be done in ten minutes or less. The drink cups allow you to blend drinks right into a cup, add a comfort ring and go.

Additionally you can store things right in the cup they were blended in. Microwave things in these cups making sauces a breeze. And you can take them with you fairly easily. With the two different blades you can do everything from making drinks, batters, soft doughs, grated cheese or veggies, and even grinding coffee and whipping cream.

Additionally, these parts are easy to clean. The plastic is something that is easy to wipe clean, it can be microwaved with water to get off stubborn foods, and can be rinsed easily. They are dishwasher safe and can be rinsed and tossed in.



The biggest con to the Magic Bullet System is storage. With all of the different parts there is a huge amount of storage space that is needed. Additionally it would be nice to have even more cups and extra blades, see details. These can be purchased at an additional cost.


The cost of the Magic Bullet is a little more then inexpensive blenders. There are many blenders or food processors that cost more, however this isn’t an inexpensive piece of equipment. On the Magic Bullet official website you can get the magic bullet for $99.99 plus shipping and handling. However, you can sometimes find them in stores such as Best Buy for less.

Over all the Magic Bullet is worth it. It is very good and does a wide variety of jobs. Making drinks in it can alone make it worth while. However, it goes so far and above that!

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